Better Say Hi as Ive already asked loads of questions!


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Hello, everyone out there ;)
(particularly you really helpful folks who have replied to my inane questions!)

Im Sal. I am a Mum of two under 7's I live near Ashby de la Zouch in North West Leicestershire.
My hubby enjoys playing various sports with his friends and colleagues after work or at the weekends. I however am finding it increacingly difficult to get out to regular excercise classes myself as they all seem to clash with either one of my hubbys sport sessions or with a kids activity session or something important like getting the nippers into bed etc.

So I have decided to get back to cycling - used to own a bike before we had the children, but that was a cheapy Halfords Tank for 'social cycling with the dog!' and I loved getting out and actually seeing a bit of countryside.

At least the idea is with my own wheels I can get out when I want - especially now the nights are getting brighter.


Sal. B


Greetings, Sally B, welcome to our little corner of the Internerd. ;)


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Hi Sally - I recall when I had 2 under 7's and I would have liked to cycle off into the sunset sometimes too! Welcome to the forums - I am also relatively new, don't be afraid to ask these guys anything, they are all really helpful & friendly!


Excellent - 3 more to the CC forum :biggrin:. *:eek: :laugh: :biggrin:*

You and your weans are most :smile:

* note the synchronised waving - do you and yours do that (yet) ? :biggrin:
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