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I'm in scotland and have had no problems in the past having post sent to me to be collected at a post office of choice.

Not used it in a couple of years but have previously done that at Durness Scotland, Thurso Scotland, Stromness on Orney.

Just had one this week sent up to Thurso six days ago and have just gone to collect only for the branch manager to tell she returned it as I did not have permission.

Apparently the rules have changed.


you have to Apply in person at the Post Office® branch you’d like your post sent to

not much bloody use if you are touring and are relying on it being sent ahead.

I'm so p???ed off that I wish to express every complaint word under the sun about the manager at thurso post office.

I need to vent.

Thanks for listening and beware of my experience.


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Thanks for the warning. I wasn't aware of the rule change.


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It's a shame. I had to cancel my PO Box because the price doubled in one year!

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That is most peculiar.:wacko:
The heading says 'stay in touch while you are travelling', yet in order to set up the service you would have to do a pre tour in order to set up the service for your real tour.
I can understand your frustration, but it looks as if the Thurso staff were just following procedures.:sad:


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snorri, agreed they were following procedures, I just said thanks and then took out my laptop got on the net and looked it up ready to show it to her on the royal mail website and then ask for her superiours details to complain only to find it was true.

Saved me emabarassing myself and giving her grief for following her job.

Would have been better if Royal mail issued guidance (or told my mother when posting it - have you permission from the other post office) that said accept it but make a charge or give a warning etc. I'd have happily paid a fair fee.
It seems that someone hasn't thought this through very well and the the person at Post Office clearly didn't engage brain either. It seems to assume that users are people who stay for a period of time in a town as opposed to travellers such as touring cyclists.

I would/will take this matter up with the Post Office and the UK Minister for Tourism. Good reason to not bother visiting. Also seems to completely miss the point of Poste Restante.

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