Beware sabotage on Sherwood Pines trails and approach roads


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Some of mates from the Lincolnshire Mountain Bikers group went to Sherwood Pines yesterday and suffered a puncture from the a piece of wood with screws in it (see picture). I have no doubt that this was a deliberate attempt at sabotage. Not sure if amied at MTB's or off-road trial motorbikes.

To quote the guy who "found" it:-
Was more on one of the local back roads in to Pines itself, was obviously covered in leaves and pine needles. Keep your eyes peeled.

Someone else from the same group also found something similar on the red route:-
I found some last year on red route, handed it in to the shop they let fc warden know!

Here is the link to the facebook discussion (not sure if non members will be able to see it).



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There are some right turds around. :angry:


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What a stupid, and indiscriminate thing to do. Its only a matter of time before someone (probably the most innocent - a child or family pet) comes to grief with one of those.

Being a bit more selfish for a moment... would stans no tubes plug that?
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