BHPC race


Are you thinking of 1-lap time trials? we've certainly done those at some circuits this year. But the "schedule" doesn't exist until the organiser dreams it up - we're rather too anarchic for that (I did say that we are a tiny sport!). I'll start a topic here to see what's likely to happen, but we have a meeting at Curborough to get through first, so I rather doubt anybody's given it much thought yet :blush:


Where exactly is Hillingdon? I hunted around a bit on Google and came up with two different locations for tracks, and they were some distance apart. xx(

I won't be racing, since I don't currently own a recumbent, but I like to have a peer at what's around, and since I haven't been to a meet in about 8 years, I'm well behind on the state of the art!
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