Bianchi Nirone in 55 cm, almost new.


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Would you beleive it, a colleague of Mrs Gti bought this to do a London to Paris charidee ride, did the ride and has now asked us to sell it on Ebay because he doesn't do Ebay.

So here it is: a red and white Bianchi Nirone in 55 cms. On the top tube is written: Alu Hydro Via Nirone 7. Also C2C and Coast to Coast. It has an aluminium frame and carbon forks. The gears are Shimano Tiagra, you can work out the rest from the photos below. It has a wireless speedo and the ODO reading is 444 miles, which would be just about right I guess. Chainrings are 50/34 and the cassette is 9 speed. No pedals.

All I've done is adjust the saddle (did he really ride it canted forwards as it was?) and bars and remove all the reflectors, lights, etc, which you can have with the bike. Rides okay, wheels are straight, brakes and gears work fine, it just needs some TLC and a good clean and polish. It's even still got a layer of shop protective clear plastic over the top tube! .

£720 delivered UK by overnight courier, following full payment by Paypal.

Or £700 cash collected, or we can deliver within Lancashire.

Email address: reedy at orchardhouse dot fsworld dot co dot uk







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Sorry, no response on here so it's gone on Eblag.
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