Bib shorts!

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DHB kit works for me. I much prefer them over some pricier brands - and their sizing is accurate. From Wiggle.


I like the Van Rysel range from Decathlon, got two pairs of bib shorts and one full length bib tights for winter. They range from £20 to £120, but the ones I ended up getting (RC500 I think?) were the second cheapest at about £35 and I found them to be great.


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You’ll get many answers as its a personal thing. Just like saddles. What's great for one is not necessarily great for another.

You can't go wrong with DHB. For the price, they're top notch. I've done many high mileage, day long rides wearing them. They are just as good as bib tights that cost 3 or 4 times as much.
My personal favourite though are Shutt VR. Comfy beyond belief, but they're above your budget.
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