Bib Shorts

Discussion in 'Components, Accessories and Clothing' started by roadiewill, 15 Mar 2008.

  1. roadiewill

    roadiewill New Member

    Im just under 6ft, and looking at THESE bib shorts. What size do you think I should go for?
  2. walker

    walker New Member

    Bromley, Kent
    that depends on your waist.
  3. Tynan

    Tynan Veteran

    not tried shorts yet but I'd have though shoulder to vitals distance is at least as important
  4. girofan

    girofan New Member

    I would go for XL roadie as Large may be an Italian size, which on Northern Europeans make bib-shorts feel like a cheese wire between the legs!
    If your waist is only about 34" you may find the Large OK.
  5. Dave5N

    Dave5N Über Member

    Try a pair on first?
  6. 02GF74

    02GF74 Über Member

    L will be ok unless you have more than 36 in. waist. ask the seller how their sizing system maps onto inches.
  7. paul

    paul New Member

    Just purchased very same bib shorts last week. (I ride a Giant road bike). At
    5'10 in height and 32 inch waist, med is perfect fit for me.
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