Bib verses shorts


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a great advantage

bibs stay in place while shorts I find myself constantly adjusting
Shorts have an elasticated waist, which (in my experience) over a long time on the bike (about four hours for me) suddenly become really restrictive and tight, despite fitting like a glove and comfortably at all other times! Bib shorts solve this for me, though the cycling shorts come out for the shorter trips with no probs.

If you're larger, bin shorts also prevent builders bum :smile:


If your stomach is of generous proportions like mine I find shorts roll down at the waist becoming a little uncomfortable and as I gradually lose weight the problem is getting worse rather than better. Bib shorts would stop this problem but I cannot find them to fit. As a compromise I wear braces under my top and they certainly help.
I use bib shorts. If I need shorts I roll the vest part down and tuck in at waist.


Here for rides.
I don't like feel of the elasticated waist of lycra cycling shorts around my ample spare tyre.

But I wear Enduara baggies with the built in liner shorts and these are dead comfortable.


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Bib shorts are awkward if your female and need a pee :blush:

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I avoided bib shorts for ages because of this but a few months ago I accidentally bought a pair from wiggle and I'm never going back. They are so much nicer and comfier to ride it. I've had to accept that nipping behind a bush is now quite an involved process but I think it's worth it ^_^


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Bib's for me all the way. Used to wear lycra shorts but as soon as I put a pair of bibs I was sold. Far more comfortable no riding down, no tight band around your middle and I feel they hold me in a way comparable to how I would imagine fat knickers on a woman do. It is not that complicated to take a pee unless you are female.

The only bad points for me are:
I feel I look like an 80's wrestler until I put my top on.
My wife takes the pee out of them
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