Bideford, Devon - tell me what you know!


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Wet. Tavistock is undeniably wet.
Almost every drop of rain coming east from that Atlantic bangs into Dartmoor and lands in and around Tavistock.
Famous for it.
But the moors are lovely, and it's a nice looking town.

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East Devon
I'm happy in East Devon, near shops, by a railway, 5 mins walk from countryside, a short bike ride from the sea, just outside the proper tourist crush in summer. I'm not a local as I've only been here for 43 years.


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West Wickham
Somebody rang me from Bideford the other day.

I don't know anyone there, so I didn't bother picking up.

They haven't rung since.


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Just for info: I grew up close to Buckfast Abbey, but now live in Plymouth. We have beaches, easy access to Dartmoor, as much shopping/entertainment as you'd need, closest Airport is Exeter which you can do in 50mins. There are lots of small villages and hamlets which are ~20 minutes to the A38 but enough "in the sticks" to be quiet. I used to do Buckfast to Portsmouth in 3 hours at off-peak times; same goes for Birmingham, not a problem unless you plan on leaving the county a lot. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.


We lived in SE Cornwall for many years, and thought it well worth driving up to Torrington to ride the Tarka Trail up to Bideford and maybe on to Barnstaple - it's that good, and a truly beautiful ride. There's also some wonderful coastline within reach (you'll have to use an OS map to find some of the best beaches), and the town itself still has real character. It also became a lot less remote when the North Devon Link Road opened, many years ago now.
A bit of a generalisation, I know, but North and South Devon (same for Cornwall) are subtly different, so soak up the respective vibes. Good luck!


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Westward Ho! is quite possibly the ugliest, nastiest town you've been to, yet you actually liked that house?
I can think of far worse places than the Ho! and that house looked like my worst nightmare. :laugh:
Funny how peoples tastes differ.
Each to his own, I suppose. :unsure:
Indeed, but how on earth anyone could find the 'Ho!' anything other than ugly and depressing is beyond me. The planners have even made it difficult, almost impossible, to walk off the 'promenade' onto the very nice beach. Such a waste.

We've lived in old houses, one of them very old, others Victorian/Edwardian, all our married life, but a modern house appeals. Or a barn conversion!
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