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I am new to this forum and to biking again (Last time was 55 years ago) I have just bought two electric bikes for my wife and myself for our retirement and now looking for a suitable bike carrier. My neighbour lent me his Thule Xpress 2 bike but the bikes are too heavy for it (total weight about 43 kgs) They are quite heavy to lift high so I thought I would look at the Thule 9403 (or 9503). I have visited a few bike shops in Portsmouth but none (including Halfords) seem to stock them so I can't see one in the flesh, so to speak. Is there anyone on this forum who has one that they can comment on?

jack smith

I know they are heavy but i think a roof mounted carrier would be better than one that hangs off the back.
I have a pair of Thule ProRide 591's on my car am impressed with them but as with all my other racks I've used will always lock the bikes to the rack and rails if they are going to be out of sight at a stop.
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