Bike for £1000 - Fuji Roubaix?


I'm making use of the company's Bikes4Work scheme and looking to upgrade from my cheapie hybrid to a road bike. The voucher is for use at Evans, and I'll be paying them a visit later today - but any early thoughts on recommendations? FYI - I've just started commuting 2-3 days a week to work (21-22 miles each way).

I've done a fair amount of internet googling (and went into the shop a couple of months back). I'm leaning towards the Fuji Roubaix 1.0 - but there's very little in terms of reviews out there.

Other bikes around that price seem to be Ultegra rather than 105. Happy to spend £100-£200 over the £1,000 voucher limit, but I can't see I'm gaining all that much. Anyone got views on Fuji?

Any help much appreciated :smile:




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I have owned a Fuji bike in the past, albeit a steel track bike, they work perfectly well, but they generally feel and look a bit uninspiring and there are much better offerings out there for the money. I would recommend spending your money elsewhere. For under a grand you can get a Tiagra equipped Cannondale (groupset is a step down from the Fuji, but the frame is one of the best and lightest available in its class), or if you add a bit extra you can have the 105 version. If you add 200-300 then you can have the CAAD10 with 105. Cannondale frames are widely considered as one of, if not the best aluminium frames on the market, probably only rivalled by boutique frames. I would focus on the frame rather than the group set, a good frame will last many years and you can upgrade the components as and when you see fit.
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