Bike for my girlfriend?


Leafy Cheshire
Hi all

Am trying to get my girlfriend into cycling - we went on a ride together t'other day and she really enjoyed it. Can anyone recommend a decent women's bike for commuting, trails etc? Something fast that can do bridleways and the like? Not mega expensive either as it's her first toe in the cycling waters.




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as you're in stockport, a trip to decathlon might be worthwhile…


I've got a bike. When can you collect and drop her off?:biggrin:

Decathlon sounds good. I'd say a budget of £300-400 will get something decent as a starter. Keep it light and she'll enjoy riding it, I'd avoid suspension unless she really wants to do serious off roading. I'd also say that she should stay away from women's bikes with a very low top tube unless she *really* wants to ride around in a floaty skirt and a wicker basket. Better to get one that's a conventional man's bike shape but with the geometry designed around a woman's body shape. In particular women's saddles are a bit wider than men's as their sit bones are further apart. This does *not* mean that they need something a yard wide with 6" of gel on top, these just make it impossible to pedal effectively because you can't pedal with 3 tonnes of plastic wedged between your thighs.
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