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Hello I am new here in this forum . I am an amateur cyclist and i m thinking of getting a cycle helmet. Not sure which one to buy. Any recommendations are welcomed


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One with a safety standard kite mark in it.
Definitely. Try several different makes, as the fit varies, although many now have the adjustable inner headgrip which makes life easier. a peak is good; helps keep sun & rain out of your eyes. A wee tip; when you're trying one on, once comfortable, try pushing the front up. The lid should only move a very small amount if it fits correctly. :thumbsup: Any looser, that's what'll happen if you come off your bike, which means you may have a worse day. :wacko:


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One that feels comfortable as soon as you put on your head and adjust 👍
Buying online is not the way to go, except maybe if the seller offers hassle free and free delivery/returns and your finances can sustain being out of pocket for several weeks if you do need to return


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As has been said there are loads to chose from and please buy quality, the helmet isn't just for show.

One quick remark about peaks. I agree a peak is very useful but it can be uncomfortable. My last but one helmet came with a detachable peak which was already attached. Thinking nothing of it I went for a ride. After a while I developed a very stiff neck - it took me several weeks to realise the peak position was causing me to slightly raise my head to see clearly.

If you like a peak, which I do, may I suggest you consider a cycling cap under your helmet. A cap position is easily adjusted, the helmet peak can't be adjusted if you're wearing the helmet correctly. If you chose this route take a cap to the shop when trying helmets on.

Many helmets come with detachable peaks.


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Go to a shop and try them on, make sure it’s comfy and not pinching your head, some helmets with peaks are designed to remove the peak easily if you don’t want it on


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If its not comfortable you wont want to wear it, does not mater if its a cheap or expensive helmet it as to fit well and be the right shape for your head.
Lidls some times have helmets very cheap that you can try on before buying or even go to dare i say it Halfords, good thing about Halfords is if you search online Halfords should do a price match with cheapest price online.
Only advice i would offer about what type of helmet to buy, would be buy a new one, better a new £10 helmet than a secondhand £200 helmet.
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