Bike Insurance advise wanted (not home)


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Hi there,

Me again. As you can see in me other posts i'm building up a little list of all the bits i need to start commuting to work. Last on my list is insurance.
I've read through a lot of posts on here discussing pros and cons of home vs. specialised.

I think i'm going to plump for specialised. Can anyone make any recommendation for me?

MY bike is a cheapo @ £269 and the associated accessories actually total £286. Not including helmet and clothes.
I'll be commuting daily approx 10 miles
I'll be commuting all year
The bike will be in a bike rack at work and my garage at home

Thanks guys and gals

I'm with the ETA, give a quick quote here:

Haven't needed to claim with them so can't comment further on that side of things!
With everything read the fineprint; check the lock you need and so on. Also note that unless the accessories are permanently fixed to the bike I don't think they will be covered.


Join the CTC or LCC
Both have insurance as optional extras to the membership
CTC insurance is good, as it's new for old replacement
Also if you are involved in an accident they have cycle specific laywers to deal with it.

(I was a witness to a cycle accident, the person involved was a member of the CTC, the CTC lawers came to my office to spend an hour interviewing me, far more than the 5 mins the police spent and no contact at all from the motorists lawyers)


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Thank you for your responses. Much appreciated.

Can anyone else recommend some others so i have a basis for comparison? Good idea about CTC but i couldn't find any details of their insurance? Or perhaps i'm not looking in the right place?




Cool I was planning to ask the question about insurance too. Will have a look at the link later


Never claimed, so I don't know truly how good they are but as a bolt on to my contents insurance I went with Tesco insurance initially; IIRC the excess was £15 if the bike was stolen from anywhere. They only insure bikes up to £500 or £750 and I changed to M&S away from home cover which covers any item, bike, laptop, camera, etc up to £4000.
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