Bike names

Can't recall if we've done this one recently. Apologies if we have and I missed it!

What are your bikes called and why?

I have:-

The Cardinal
- GT roadbike and so named because, like a Roman Catholic cardinal, he is red, a bit lardy and weighed down by odd bits of tat and gubbins.

Luther - Guess SC1 roadbike. So named because, unlike The Cardinal he is sleek, stripped down and unencumbered by excess stuff. A bit like Martin Luther.

- Giant hardtail on slicks. So named because he stopped me from riding TC. Which made him a selfish giant. Which is a story written by.....Oscar Wilde


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I have no name for mine yet. Loving the Oscar reason. I really need a name anyone want to venture one for my bike?


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My gorgeous little bike is called Liesl after the oldest daughter in the Sound of Music as it's my favourite film. The husband's brand new (1 hour old) Dawes Supergalaxy has yet to be named. His old bike was called the Tank because it was so heavy and ploddy. It was a good name though...


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Some bikes come with an acceptable name (e.g. my Kona was named 'Kikapu' and that stuck), others like my my Trek 4500 needed naming. She became Judy because all my bikes are female, she came with Rockshox Judy forks, and I like naming things after old film stars. Not as well considered as Chuffy's. :biggrin:


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From the day I bought it, my friends have saddled('scuse pun)my KMX trike with the ephithet, 'THE BEAST'.

I have not named a bike since the abhorrant theft of my beloved self built rat hybrid MTB racer; 'The Barking Spider Mk VI.' in 1995.

T x


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Mine is simply called Bikey.
My Vertex is called the 'Vertex', my Black Phantom is called the 'Black Phantom', my Lafree is called the 'Lafree' and my Brompton is called the 'Brompton'. I can see a pattern emerging.


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Used to do it with motorbikes. I had a Kawasaki Z250 which I bought, from a scrappers, with a completely burnt out wiring loom amongst other things. Got it back on the road as a complete mongrel/ratbike.

The reg started RFW, which helped give it the name Rufus.

Plus when I got it, it was Rufus F**k:biggrin:
I sold the Icicle Tricycle a few years ago, mickle. You can still buy them from Pashley, but the health regulations now-a-days for selling ice cream are... Many.


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The Windcheetah is 'Speedy' because all Windcheetahs are called 'Speedy.' When it's not Speedy, it's 'The Trike.'
The tourer (built up from an ebay Orbit Ventura frame) is 'The Tourer.'
The mtb (an almost stock 1992 Trek 850) is either 'The MTB' or 'The Trek.'

Unsentimental, see?
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