Bike outside at work..


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ok so moved roles and now instead of a cosy office store cupboard bike has a open to the elements balcony that i have to use ( office is just mass of floor space no cupboards or walls near me i can leave her ) what can i get/do to minamise damage to the drive-train moving parts etc when it chucks it down during the day?

FYI i do 44 miles a day and she get a deep clean + grease every weekend ( sometimes a wipe and re grease mid week if its rained hard)


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What about a bike cover?


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My bike stays outside at work every day, has done for the last six years, I've never considered there might be a problem and there hasn't been. I don't do any maintenance that I wouldn't otherwise, kept clean and lubricated, that's about it. If it were a steel frame I'd keep a look out for scratches, make sure they are not left to turn rusty.


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I'm just being stubborn at our new office and parking my bike next to my desk... the boss isn't happy but he often used to bring his bike into the old office when it suited him, so sod 'im!
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