Bike parking in Swindon

mark barker

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Swindon, Wilts
Hats off to Swindon council, they've managed to infuriate me even more than usual!

In the town centre they've recently opened a secure bike park, with entry controlled by swipe card. As I leave my bike in the town centre 3 or 4 times a week, I decided to apply. First obstical was the application form. The council didn't have any! So, off I went to my LBS eho had some. Form completed, I returned to the council office with my ID and £10 admin fee. The folks at the reception desk knew nothing about the scheme and the cashiers had no code for the payment! The address on the form was 4th floor, but only the ground floor is open to the public and I was told that staff from upstairs don't like coming down!

So, it looks like I'll be locking my bike to the good old lamp post for sometime to come!:biggrin:


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Some people have managed to get a swipe card as I have seen a couple of bikes parked in there. In my experience you just have to be stubborn and bloody minded to get what you want from the council.

Ste T.

So Douglas Addams wasn't so wide of the mark in Hitch Hikers Guide.

Council official "The plans have been on display for some time at the planning office"

Arthur Dent "Yes they have haven't they. In the basement a locked cabinet... behind a door marked Beware of the Leopard !"
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