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My dad has requested a bike rack for 2 bikes for his birthday in a few weeks time & I know nothing about them! So I need your help...a quick search on the internet revealed there are a few types & based on my dads car I need one that fits onto the back but with no tow bar fitting.

I've seen Saris Sentinal 2 Bike Rack for about £40 & a similar version from Halfords Value Rear Low Mount 2 Cycle Carrier.

Has anyone used/got either of thse or can anyone recommend a good, reasonably priced one please?



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He drives a Ford Mondeo Titanium model, no roof rack


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I would happily recommend a Saris Bones. It is really stable, much better than the cheap rack I used to use.


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Does he have a towball? If so, it is the most secure way to fit a bike rack (apart from roof bars) 'Thule' make the RideOn for about £65 for 2 bikes and it comes with a working light board. In my experience, ALL racks that strap-on to the rear of the car with 6 straps (2 up, 2 down and 2 to the side) are not so great and the bikes tend to swing about quite a lot - even more so with heavier bikes. I had a Paddy Hopkirk many years ago and with just my Kona MTB it was OK but load it with 3 bikes and it was complete rubbish and UNSAFE.
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