Bike too big?

I bought a bike today but after riding it 3.5 miles home I realised/felt it was a touch too big as I was "touching" the bar when stood up with the bike.

I am completely new to cycling and was not aware there should be two inches between myself and the bar when stood over the bike.

Has this ever happened to anyone else and if so, what do you think my chances are of exchanging for a smaller size?! Panicking slightly!!!


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Its a minefield out there what with frames with flat top tubes and sloping top tubes, whats this rule you heard of saying the two inches?

As long as you can touch the floor , your saddle height and reach/drop to bars is comfy then it might be ok .I have to dismount the saddle to reach the ground.
Where did you buy the bike from?,if its a shop then take it back or pop into a bike shop for some advice .
Its hard to say over the tinterweb without seeing you on the bike.


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It really depends on the bike. I have short legs but I am 6 foot so if I used the 2 inch rule I would be riding tiny bikes. A photo of you stood over the bike would help or back to the bike shop.


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What bike is it, what size is it and what size are you? I've never really considered stand over height when buying a bike. More reach and comfort
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