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Hi Guys

I've been doing a 25 mile round trip commute on a 25yo MTB, but with narrower road tyres. Done about 20 days over the last 5/6 weeks. Averaging 16 mph. There is little gradient change at all.

I'm looking to get a new machine as the bug has bitten me.
The route is mostly average quality road, but there is also a section of farmer dirk covered b/c road. Initially I assumed I wanted a road bike, built for speed. However, I'm beginning to think most modern bikes would be a massive improvement.

I'm not interested in carrying loads of bags, but mudguards are essential for me.

Not really looking for actual model suggestions, just your comments on whether a road, hybrid, mountain or cyclo would be your choice.

Thanks in advance.


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I would have thought hybrid or cyclo would be good - I have no experience of cyclo though many here have and it's something I've thought about - if you need to carry stuff that could be an issue. I would also think that a hybrid would get you a bit more speed if it was lighter than your mtb - 16mph average seems quite good to me for an mtb. I ride on very varied country roads and I have a hybrid which is a bit rubbish tbh - quite cheap, big tyres but bombproof. Mud etc on the roads doesn't freak me out but I will never be very fast on it. Suits me!


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The likes of the planet x London road would seem to be the ideal "do anything" bike.
Drop or straight bars, clearance for guards/rack disk breaks and wider cross type rubber.
something like a light tourer or audax bike. Drop bars, mudguards, pannier rack, not too narrow on the wheel clearance front so you'd have the option of wider tyres. That would be my ideal.
I've never had disc brakes, but would certainly consider them.

Condor Fratello maybe if budget permits


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Audux, tourer or cyclo. They have a more relaxed fit (your arse isn't up in the air) The big thing you have to watch for is wheel/tyre width, my audux can't go above a 25 because of the mudguards I've fitted which makes it a bit skittish off road. Other thing I would recommend is suicide levers on the top, most cyclo have them on but your LBS should be able to fit them for around £50.


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Don't be afraid to take a road bike down the occasional track. I rode mine down canal paths a lot last summer. Obviously, mud is more of a problem. I would guess that a wider tyre would help.


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Cyclo cross all the way. Ride is far more comfy than a road bike on mixed terrain tyres are good size but not to big so can still go fast. I recently purchased a Giant any road 2 and I love it. Cutting through parks and having to use bumpy roads is a lot more enjoyable now.


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P's you can also pick up the 2014 model for a fair price online.
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