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Hi, I am a new member to the forum and have owned a Felt Z80 for a number of years. Found it to be a good bike but am now thinking of selling it. I can’t see any similar for sale so can anybody assist me with approximate selling values? The bike has not really been upgraded and is as original. That said, the whole bike Is in extremely/very good condition.
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Not sure how much it's worth - but given it's coming into summer it's likely to be worth a bit more, the second hand market last year went a bit crazy.

It's a nice looking bike and seems to be in good condition - a quick search reveals it's 9spd Tiagra from 2009. I'd estimate somewhere around £200, but ebay is likely to be a good guide for you.

You'll likely maximise the resale value of the bike if you give it a good clean so the cassette and chain are nice and shiny again and replace the bar tape so it's not so grubby - unfortunately white bar tape only really looks good for the first couple of rides!

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Ms AU just bought a very similar Felt from a local bike shop with guarantee and a proper fitting for £400.

Her bike was a few years old but had less than 200 miles use from new!

I'm guessing £250 to £350 would be about right. I agree with the comments above about the bar tape. I wouldn't want to put my hands on someone else's grubby tape!


Problem is its not cutting edge enough for someone wanting the latest head down racer, not old enough to be a classic, and its lack of mudgauard and carrier mounting points weighs against it as a fast daily tool or commuter. It would indeed be appealing for a turbo, but the sun is about to come out so its not the ideal time to find those buyers.

Felt make very nice riding bikes that punch well above their price point, but this model at that age has a rather limited potential audience, so I'd suggest £200-£250ish.

Felt don't sell well in the UK (they're a top flight brand but have never been marketed seriously over here) so its not uncommon to find last years £1000 bike languishing in stock for £500, which further impacts used values. Its great for new buyers though, and is how I got my F75.

You don't state why youre selling, but if you're selling to buy a bit for performance then its worth bearing in mind those Z series bikes really benefit from a nice et of wheels. 3 or 4 hundred quid spent on modest DT Swiss wheels for the Z would probably give you a livlier, more enjoyable ride than a newee bike on standard cheap hoops.
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From the picture it looks a nice enough bike but I think you're only looking at £150-200 if you're lucky. I'd keep it in the garage as a spare emergency bike. It's worth more as that than the money you'll receive.

I recently bought a Cannondale CAAD10 four years old, 2016, for £400. Prior to purchase it had been serviced by a mechanic I know with new cables, brake blocks, hubs stripped, greased etc, bar tape, chain and cassette. That alone is +/-£150.
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