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Elmer Fudd

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Dunno about the weight gtgf, but that's a nice looking bike


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Yarm, Cleveland
Thanks Rusty, im not even sure if i will get into racing but if i ever do i dont want to be stuck with a bike that people look at and say cant race that here sonny jim, get thee a Rally grifter and we'll see you next week.


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does look nice gtgf, for that sort of cashola you could probably pick up a 2nd hand carbon frame though if you were willing to go down that route. not same as new though I know.


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I dunno, a 6.9 kg bike with Dura-Ace (though not all over) for a grand sounds like a really good deal! Not sure about the Tektro brakes though.

Tim Bennet.

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S of Kendal
If plan to race, I would be more concerned about how robust that bike is. Sooner or later you will crash when racing and these very lightweight aluminium bikes have very thin tube walls. If you dent or buckle one, it could be RIP for that frame.

I would only race such a light bike when I was convinced that the only thing standing between me and world domination was the disadvantage I have riding my 18lbs bike.


That looks like a lot of bike for the money.

At £1000 most people would be looking at carbon but personally I would rather have a top of the range aluminium frame than a bottom of the range carbon one. Especially when it's coming equipped with Dura Ace.


I would be cautious of this bike. A quick google for be one bikes reveals that they are an MTB manufacturer and their team is sponsored by CRC. Until today, I had never heard of them. Secondly, ultralight alu is thin and bends easily and I agree with Tim Bennett. I think you would be better off getting a 105/Ultegra equipped Planet X / Focus or one from one of the main stream dealers. There are some stunning deals on 2007 models as dealers clear space for the 08 bikes.
For example; Evans have some good deals


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Bromley, Kent
Looks like a good bike, but would need a few upgrades, tyre's are a must.
All the parts are factory Spec and not knowing anything abuot be-one I would be cautious on there performance and durability.
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