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Discussion in 'Advocacy and Cycling Safety' started by User, 21 Apr 2008.

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    I'm still reading the Cycle Strategy - and amazed that they think 85% of cycle trips are made by households with no car (makes it sound that either they cycle as they can't afford a car or because they have made a choice to live without relying on a car). Most folk I know who cycle own at least one car - not all I agree.

    The figure for kids cycling to school is low though at 0.4% - I think the national average is meant to be 1%.

    Looking at the figures for Bikeability training they look low 500 kids per year for Level 2 training ... I think Bristol acheived 900 last year (I didn't check that figure but know its in that sort of range), and is looking to try and increase that number this year. (Of course my kid in year 6 is at a school which doesn't seem to be doing any training this year - fine for my daughter, I'll do it, but for the rest of the year group - having seen some cycling they could definately benefited).

    As far as I know the Bike It schools in Bristol have achieved good results in the increase in cycling rates by quite considerable amounts, but it tends to be very focused on those schools, not sure if they have stopped working with the original Bristol schools and if so how their cycling rates have changed. But I'm sure they do have a positive impact on those schools they work with.

    What do you think of the policy as a Birmingham resident?
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