Bkool pro smart turbo trainer

Discussion in 'For Sale and Auction' started by Alex1982, 12 Jul 2018.

  1. Alex1982

    Alex1982 Active Member

    Bought a year and a half ago but wanting to buy a kickr

    Only had indoor use

    Info from sigma sport on the trainer

    Ideally pick up only as I have no idea if I could post and how much it would be

    £175 Ono

    The BKOOL Pro Smart Turbo Trainer offers an improved on-bike experience. Your neighbours will be pleased to hear the new model is quieter than ever before and you're out of the saddle climbing efforts can now be carried out in confidence with extendable legs, which add stability.

    A cleaner design, lighter and easier to transport yet still a resilient unit, which allows you to kick out up to 1,200 watts if you should wish.

    The software has also been improved, now even more versatile than ever as it is compatible with PC, Apple Mac and iPads. Never get bored training indoors again with over 500,000 routes to choose from, so you can explore somewhere new each ride. More realistic than ever before, the new version offers a 3D mode, which immerses you in the action, whether that be on the road or in a velodrome (3D and video simulator require a Bkool Premium account membership).

    Riding at home needn't be a lonely experience, with the multiplayer mode allowing up to 100 friends to join your ride and an option to join competition league tables. What can be better than battling it out with fellow BKOOL riders in the comfort of your home? Especially as you can encourage, or heckle, using your computer or laptop's speakers and microphone and the Voice Chat system that allows you to communicate with riders within 50 m of yourself in the virtual world.

    A fan of listening to music while you ride? If so, the Spotify compatibility will be a welcome addition. Premium users of the music streaming service can log into their Spotify account from settings. Once in, you are able to select some playlists and they will be played while you are riding on any session. While in the session, you have some quick settings to stop, skip to the next song and other basic controls.

    The Pro Turbo Trainer is incredibly quiet, producing a mere 66 dB (a conversation ranges from 40-70dBA) at 35km/h. This can be reduced further with the use of a mat (sold separately), which is also a good idea for preventing sweat or the trainer from causing any harm to the surface you set up on.
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