BKool smart bike - wheel scraping

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I bought a BKool smart bike last week and once all set up and hooked up to electric you can hear the rear magnets adjusting and when riding the bike at first it is completely silent (as advertised). However, when starting a simulated ride it is silent for about 5 seconds then the magnets adjust again and there is a horrible grinding noise as the magnets scrap against the wheel and I have to stop cycling.

I haven't yet taken the FTP test as recommended but don't see how I can with the grinding noise. I bought the bike from powerhouse fitness so have contacted them as well as BKool for technical advice to no success. So thought I would try here to see if anyone had similar issues or a way to resolve.


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Sorry but when it comes to bkool there is enough on here to suggest Caveat Emptor.
I hope you get it sorted or your money back
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