Black Brompton - London

Someone on Bromptontalk has forwarded a message of a stolen Brompton in the London area.

5 speed, black, with red Brooks saddle. New frame, old hub.

If anyone spots it PM me and I'll forward on the details!


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South West
apart from a 'red' brooks saddle it sounds like any other Brompton! Any more details?


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Bromptons are nice in that they fold dead small, and are british and are a bit cool. however, every fecker has one.I have a a very stylish brompton black model, straight handle bars, full carbon seat, folds up very quickly and easy to use and also has the clip. in good condition.Bromptons fold down very small but are expensive and don't ride very well compared to some other folders.Although I might be looking on it overly fondly as it was highly entertaining trying to chase roadies around Donington race track on a folding bike.
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