Blasted taggers

captain nemo1701

Space cadet. Deck 42 Main Engineering.
New S-Bend Slow Down sign put in on B2B path. 5/10 for BCC for doing it but minus points for their workers badly rutting the verge and mud all over the path....Anyway, damn thing has already been tagged by some prat putting a large sticker in the middle of it.

Tons of tagging graffiti is all over the path now, especially annoying on some of the natural stone abutments to old bridges, which had become nicely coated in moss & lichens, now coated in silver by pillocks like 'Taz' etc in that trippy 1970's font style. I think tagging should carry a sentence whereby the perp is bodypainted in bright pink which won't wash off for several weeks......I enjoy nicely done street art but fed up of looking at this non-'art'. Especially those who just chuck paint on cyclepaths for people to ride through it:cursing:.
Someone ought to tell these guys it's not big, and it's not clever;


De Skieven Architek... aka Penfold
Banksy is a vandal but by some freak of publicity he's become an artist.... so apparently that's alright. Try telling the people next door who had their new fence 'improved' by tagging or our windows which received a lovely egg yolk tempera decoration last night. Sadly the 'artist' isn't internationally lauded so the fence is still a badly sprayed fence and the windows haven't rocketed in value...
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