Blatant courtesy!!

But...but...they are all supposed to hate us aren't they...:tongue:

This considerate Fiat 500 driver (cool car!) wanted to show her appreciation that i waited behind her as she was forced to take longer than expected to turn left.

As I said on the comments, it was a proper wave...not a two fingered one, my cam lens is about 4-6 inches higher than my line of sight, so I saw it properly...honest.

neat car, neat attitude



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Shocking behaviour, I bet she didn't even swear at you or anything.


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It's worrying Jonny. Confusing and disorienting. I came across a lot (lost count after 10) polite and courteous drivers when out riding last Saturday. Giving way, friendly waves, staying behind until it was safe to overtake, and all sorts.

It's been back to normal since then though.
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