Bloody post orifice


New Member wiggle order ha sarrived...but as usual I was out on the bike so I got a red card...even though I had asked themn to leave it with a neighbour...I trek down to the find half the bloody town camped where to lock up a bike...just chaos. I return home resolved to call and have it re delivered after the strike...BUT all i get is an answer message giving me dates for strike they have my package....I cant pick it up and they wont deliver that theft?
What you have to remember is that they are poor down trodden workers who are being victimised by their capitalist bully boy masters.

They are using the only weapon they have at their disposal, the withdrawal of their labour.

Have I got that right Redcogs?


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..all I ask them to do is put up a rack so I can chain up my bike outside the chav city orifice and pick my parcel up myself.
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