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Hey Guys
I just got a mongoose sniper bmx for free of a mate and i want to just have the back brake but then wouldnt the giro be unstable and just rattle?.

it has both brakes fitted but is there any way to disconnect the front brake and only have the back brake working but keep the giro level/stable?

Thanks John
I don't know much about bmx braking systems but is it wise to disconnect the front brake; this is the most effective of the two (front & rear) and besides if you are into doing tricks I would think it'd be the most useful.


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Basically the rear brake cable splits into 2 cables between the lever and the top half of the gyro, and then the cable from the bottom half of the gyro starts as 2 cables which join back to a single cable before the rear caliper. This is, as you said, in order to keep the gyro from pulling unevenly (historical note - the original ACS Rotors only had a single cable each side). The front brake cable threads via a hollow stem bolt through the fork steerer. Removing the front brake will have no effect on the Gyro's operation.


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ah easy when you know how :biggrin: thank you everyone for the help especially bigsteev
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