Boardman Comp front suspension or Sirrus Elite forks?


Milton Keynes
Looking to replace my Hybrid BSO with another hybrid for £500 following damage to the old thing. Torn between the Specialised Sirrus & the Boardman Comp.

Most of my actual riding is on the Redway system in Milton Keynes. This means it's predominantly unmaintained tarmac with masses of subsidance, cracks & potholes - It's a bumpy journey for large parts. It also involves hitting a lot of kerbs as there's loads of crossing side roads involved. It's flat by most cyclists standars but with a lot of baby climbs where the redway takes you down to subway level & up to 10ft above the road in 20mtrs. in addition I do gravel pathways & the occasional little climb up 15ft (in 20mtrs) of grassy bank (a shortcut to work). I'm rarely on the road here, they're all 60mph roads that everyone (including me when I drive) do a lot more on.

As a result I'm leaning towards the Boardman due to it's front suspension (I effectively shook the BSO to death), So I'm here to ask does this seem like a good enough reason to prefer the boardman? I'm aware I'm adding weight & have seen posts around claiming that this is enough for many to avoid the Boardman in favour of another, others have said it makes it poor on hills (but I'm not climbing hills). Would the sirrus partial carbon/alloy forks be any better or worse for my specific boneshaking requirements?


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If it's that bad I'd want suspension - the forks on the Sirrus help some but if you hit anything especially rough you'll certainly feel it and perhaps lose a filling

Look at the Spesh Crosstrail, Trek 8.3 and Giant Roam too
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