Boardman CX - Want to upgrade the BB5 brakes to BB7. What to buy and how to fix?

Boris Bike

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Hi all,

I have a Boardman CX with BB5 disk brakes. I want to upgrade these to BB7s. I haven't done anything like this before, but I am good at following instructions and I'll give everything a try before going to a professional.

What do I need to buy? Do I just get a pair of BB7 road calipers like these - ?

I can keep my existing BB5 rotors?

Are they easy enough to swap over? I have seen a thread on here about having to gut the outer part of the brake cables because the BB7s have an in-line adjuster that the BB5 doesn't (that bit goes over my head a little).



Perhaps This One.....
You need just the calipers. I swapped my bb5 to bb7 before I rode my Boardman CX. YouTube has some great how to guides for setting up the bb7's. Easy job.
The Boardman has the inline adjusters fitted already.
Boris Bike

Boris Bike

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Thanks both. Those HY/RD ones look interesting! A bit more than I was looking to spend, but food for thought if they are a lot better than the BB7s


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I have a Genesis Day 1 single speed.

It came with BB7s and I’ve never been happy with them. I had Avid hydraulics on the trusty Boardman hybrid (that was stolen) and thought they were excellent. It the manual “wear adjust” that sends me potty.

I’ve been looking for replacements for a while but being a drop handlebar single speed it’s really limited choice.

I recent replaced the front caliper with the TRP HY/RD hybrid (in the above link). Its early days but I’m happy with it. It’s not as good as full hydraulics system but close enough.

I’m going to replace the rear too, just need to get my finger out and order and fit it. I wanted to run the front for a few months before spending another £90 on the experiment.

So I don’t recommend the BB7s, though some people love them, but I will sell you my used front caliper (no rotor or leaver etc) for a £10 (plus postage from Manchester).

I’ll also sell the rear once I’ve got that swapped over.
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