Boardman Hyb 8.9 fork help


I have a current model Boardman Hyb 8.9 that I use for commuting. Unfortunately I had cable rub on the carbon fork which I didn't see and now I have a very deep groove in the fork near the top, it doesn't look safe to say the least.

What sort of fork will work trying to keep the characteristics and geometry the same. I prefer an aluminium replacement.

I did try Halfords but they could not find one on their system.

Bike geometry is

Stack 651mm
Reach 426mm
Seat tube 540mm
TT Top tube 615mm
HT Head Tube 170mm
FO Fork Offset 43mm
HA Head Angle 73°
SA Seat Angle 73°
CS Chain Stay 425mm
BB Bottom Bracket Drop 65mm
Crank Length 175mm
Stem Length 110mm
Handlebar Width 600mm
Seatpost Length 350mm

Many thanks


Pretty much any disc brake fork with
1 1/8” - 1.5” tapered steerer. Quick release wheels.

Your problem is virtually all are carbon.

Post a picture up of the groove. Ideally put a small rule in picture so scale of damage cam be assessed


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Disc ones are actually not all carbon - plenty of lower end disc forks are alu or steel (even from the likes of Trek and Specialized). Not saying it'll be easy to find the right one of course!

On the next one, put some helicopter tape under the cables to stop rub :okay:


Guys thanks for your help.

I managed to find a helpful Halfords employee. He found me a fork for £50.

The fork is from the Hyb 8.6 which is aluminium. The 8.8 and my one the 8.9 models have a carbon fork.

Just in case a tone ever has the same issue.

Part number and related info for the fork ...
612516 FRK Bbl HYB Grey 8.6 G.
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