Boardman hybrid mudguards


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SKS chromoplastics are among the best full mudguards

Go to your LBS and get them to experience the pain of fitting (and needing to try multiple sets possibly)


+1 on SKS chromoplastics

If you have a disc equipped Boardman you'll have to faff with the front fixings to be clear of the caliper. Fitting them well takes time and a bit of patience!


Thanks for that, my bike has got disc brakes.

There was one for sale on ebay fitted with SKS raceblade mudguards size 700-25-32, could anyone comment on these?

My bike has 700-28 tyres.

Raceblades are unnecessary for your bike; they are for bikes with no room under the rim brake calipers. Assuming you're not going to increase the tyre size, SKS Chromoplastic in 35mm width are an ideal guard for your bike and tyre combination. They will take some time to fit but the result will be close fitting, good performing mudguards that'll do their job without ruining the look of your bike. I don't work for SKS, just fitted those for a friend who is very fussy on aesthetics.
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