Boardman or Trek Fx3 - worth the difference ?

Hi all,

I'm seeking advice - I'm starting out cycling again as an adult, but want something decent that I won't outgrow.

Currently I'm looking at two different bicycles.
I am between a Boardman (€660) and a Trek FX3 (€899) or even open or other options.

Uses will include road and country treks, up to 50km in distance I would say.

Any advice or tips are welcome...heres the links ...,-m,-l-frames-366262.html

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I’d definitely take the Trek for the carbon fork and better brakes. And things like a branded chainset.

Also, don’t like the idea of a one piece stem and handlebar as there’s no ability to adjust fit with the stem.

My backside also likes Bontrager wsd saddles so it hopefully wouldn’t need changing!
The Trek only looks to be available in size M from your link so you’d need to check sizing. As ever, you should try themselves out for yourself. The frame styles are different with the Trek being a step through.
In terms of other options, I like the Whyte R7 range but they come with a single rather than double chainring, may not be so good if riding lots of hills.
Eg the rather spiffingly named Victoria :whistle:

happy shopping :smile:
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They have the same gear ratios. The Boardman uses Tektro hydraulic brakes, the Trek uses Shimano hydraulic brakes. The boardmsn is fitted with wider slower puncture proof tyres. The derailleurs are much a wash.

Their rides will feel different and there may be subtle geometry changes. But you can tell how they’ll feel without a test ride.

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...Uses will include road and country treks, up to 50km in distance I would say...
Both are aimed at the same style of riding and will be suitable for what you want to do.

As vickster and Ming the Merciless have mentioned there are specification differences that overall arguably highlight that the Trek is positioned slightly higher. The differences to some are deal breakers, to others they make little or no difference; expect subtle differences to be magnify as you gain experience of course; only you can work out if they evolve to be deal breakers or not. Note Trek compared to Boardman will normally be more for a similar spec' bike so that will account for some of the price difference. Literally comparing spec' for spec' can be confusing; price for price may not tell the whole story, saddles are a good example, they both look very 'saddle like' yet even on these entry level bikes with inexpensive saddles there has been some effort put into the Bontrager H1 Women's saddle and having a well designed saddle is never ever a negative

If advice from the dealer prior to making your decision and aftersales are important to you then factor in 'Halfords' versus your local 'Trek' dealer; visit both suppliers and see if you can try them
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