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The freehub on my boarder is somewhat wobbly after 5000 miles of use. I'm after some advice as to how to remove it, as it isn't a type that is retained by a hollow Allen bolt. Has anyone done one of these, or has any suggestions for removal please?


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Time for new wheels :smile:
I always thought freehubs were held on with a 10-12 mm allen bolt you stuck the allen key directly into the freehub to loosen or is it different ?
I'll have to take another look at it I reckon. I removed the axle and wheel bearings and thoroughly cleaned everything, but I couldn't see anything remotely hexagonal inside the hub to apply an Allen key to. I forgot to mention in the original post that the wheels are Mavic CXP22 so I don't suppose there's anything unusual in their hub arrangement. It's just that having watched the Youtube vids I was anticipating seeing a hollow bolt with the internal hex. Mine just looks like a plain round bore to me. I might have to give in and pay a visit to the LBS,how shameful!


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Before you do, actually try inserting the allen key. It may look round at first peek, but the hex flats may well be there. See this article on Bikeradar....same issue, and you can see the allen flats in the first photo(there are 12 of them so it doesn't look like 6 sided hex at first glance)

One of the contributors tells us it's an 11mm hex from one side or a 12 from the other. Good luck with finding an 11mm hex wrench.......


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The problem is that apart from Shimano/Campy type hubs there are no spare parts. So your only hope is that it is the bearings in the freehub that have worn and you can access them and replace.

In my experience, if a hex key doesn't fit then the hub uses friction to hold itself together.
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