Boardman Sport 2014 or Carrera


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Hi I am new to this, I had my bike stolen last autumn and have decided it is time to get a new one.

I have been looking at the hybrid range at halfords and like the look of the Boardman Sport 2014 or the Carrera Hybrids under £400 but cannot find any reviews only on the halfords website.

Can anyone help me decide.

Many Thanks.


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The Boardman will be rather lighter, the Carreras are quite chunky. The Boardman will also roll faster on roads, due to the bigger wheels and skinnier tyres.

Might want to join British cycling, 10% off at Halfords for a year plus other indispensible benefits for a £35 odd fee :smile:

Also budget for a good D lock and cable (the best ones are around £70-100)


Neither. Go look at Decathlons wares.
Naw, Decathlons hybrids are not in the same league as a boardman.

My local Halford has the 15% off boardman till 9 March if bought in store, thus the 2015 model is 425. The stock checker says they have 2014s left these would be even cheaper.


Hi I have a Boardman MX Comp hybrid which is love but it's let down by the sales team and service at Halfords.
Tbh I wouldn't buy another bike from them, but I would have another Boardman


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Not really
Spread your wings and potter round some local bike shops with your pennies


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Still looking at the carerra crossfire 3, I have also looked at the BTwin 700 any thoughts pointers etc..?
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