Boardman Team Carbon C7 or e4p?

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  • HI All
    Im new here and new to road biking.

    I am looking for a bike for road riding and to use for Triathlon sprint races but im just starting out so looking not to break the bank.
    I have found 2 bikes for sale that I believe fit what im looking for but wondered if anyone could tell me the differences between the 2 models and if one would be a better buy than the other, or thoughts on possible alternatives:
    They are both Boardman bikes from 2017
    one is Boardman Team Carbon C7 standard from shop apart from Shimano SPD SL pedals. 55.5 frame
    the other is Boardman tem carbon e4p standard from shop

    Thnaks for your help

I'd go for the Boardman.


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Any links so everyone can see what you're talking about?
New or second hand?

By the way hello and welcome to the forum. :smile:
Hi thanks these are second hand 2017 models both boardman I will try to put pics up tomorrow as can’t get them on my phone
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