Boardman TXC 650B Front Hub Maintenance


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I am new to the forum and started cycling a couple of months ago again after about 35 years. So I am new to modern day cycling and maintenance. I bought a used Boardman 650B on eBay locally. Its working fine, but I am servicing it step by step.

I don’t know how to remove the front wheel bearing caps to service the front hub bearings. There aren’t any cone / spanner flats on the two outmost hub black caps on either side. I looks like they might just pull off, but am not sure and before I pull harder...I believe the hubs are not so good formulas on Mavic rims.

Is there any documents/ exploded views ofcomponents online, I had a look on formula, there are numerous models to sift through, but I might be missing something.

Thanks for any advise.

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Probably cartridge bearings. If they are running smoothly just leave well alone.
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