Boardmans Team Carbon & Crud roadracer mudguards


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I know its the middle of summer but after being caught in the rain I got my set a set of thess mudguards.

The rear fits perfectly, and seem really good so far.

The front on the otherhand I can't fit without it rubbing againts the tyre. The bit thats touching the tyre is the front end, so its the part that goes under the brake. It just dosen't seem to pick the mudguard up high enough to let it clear the tyre..

Has anyone else tried to fit these mudguards to a boardmans? Are they designed to fit all road bikes?

Im running 700*23 tyres

Any Ideas?



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You are only supposed to do the plastic tie up to the minimum necessary. I remember reading that if you overtighten it then the guard can be distorted so perhaps that is what you have done?

Is there at least 4-5 mm of clearance between the tyre and the underside of the brake/forks? You can test by sliding an Allen key in. If you have that amount of clearance then you should be able to get the guard to fit without rubbing.

I've found that my Roadracers can clog with mud so it is best to keep them clean. I spray a hose up the undersides of them after every wet ride.


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i have the same problem as you on my rear tyre, i snap that bit off and it works fine now.

I think it is a defect in the moulding process, i got a pair a few months back and they fitted fine, when the rear one broke and i got it replaced it now doesn't fit unless i take that bit off.


Sunny Brum!
Colin, you might be right... I was pulling that clip as tight as posible, could of caused it to bend into the tyre instead of away from it. I try not so tight this time

Or if not I guess I span off that little front extension... I can't loose much in the way of spray from the road without that little bit.

They do look like brilliant mudguards though (im actually looking forward to a bit of rani now)


If it's the removable front part, have a look at The Crud Tricks & Tips Video (about 3:55 in). They advise to put a small 'pad' inbetween the joining parts to lift the front - worked for me anyway


I have a Boardman with the same mudguards.

I have never used or needed the additional front part of the mudguard. Like you it rubbed against the wheel.

TBH I don't really like the mudguards. Both of the bottom parts are now broken die to being very brittle and they tend to rub when the roads are wet.

I'll leave them on it as I hope to buy a new Boardman in October.:smile:


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The front part of the front guard does have a function - it reduces the amount of spray that goes up ahead of you which you would then ride into. I must admit that I haven't tried taking it off to see how much difference it actually makes. It does get mucky though so some spray is obviously being prevented by it.


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On my road bike the frame has more clearance one side of the bridge than the other. I glued a small piece of rubber to the mudguard where the holes for the cable tie is so that when pulled tightly enough that it didn't rattle around in the frame the mudguard was properly inline with the wheel.

I should add I'm not taking about a Boardman road bike.

ColinJ, depends I found it makes a big difference when the road is covered in cleaner/standing water but if its just a damp surface water it doesn't stop nearly as much.


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doesn't mr crud suggest slipping a spacer under that front bit if need be to raise it a little?
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