Bollington Bike Fest

Discussion in 'Sportives' started by Buzzinonbikes, 17 Aug 2012.

  1. Buzzinonbikes

    Buzzinonbikes Senior Member

    Just heard about this

    Think I will be doing the 40 miles. Some nice riding around the route.

    The 75 mile route looks very intense. A bit much for a single speed me thinks.
  2. Hacienda71

    Hacienda71 Mancunian in self imposed exile in leafy Cheshire

    Wilmslow, Cheshire
    Bit of a quandry for me. It is two weeks before the Macc Monster which I did last year. I know the organisers of it and sort of feel obliged to do both. Not sure I want to though as I ride those roads most weekends.
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