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I recently started a low carb diet and also suffered from what the doctor described as a 'virus'

Anyway, everytime I go riding now I bonk really badly. I was never one for bonking before. I only just made it home yesterday and I only covered 63 miles.

I've started increasing the carbs now but is the diet or virus to blame, or both?


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In your heart of hearts you know the answer, don't you. Both of these things will have a negative effect on cycling, won't they.

Give your body time to recover from the virus, as it will - if you let it!


When you are fighting off infections your body needs more energy
It can't fight infection and propel you at warp speed at the same time without more fuel
The best way to add fuel is to dose up on carbs

If I was you I would cut back all riding until you have got rid of the virus


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mark barker said:
OK, dumb newbie question here.... Bonking? I thought you were boasting about finding your dream partner, but obviously not....
Think of the most tired you have ever been. Double that, add 33% and you are now getting close to 'bonking'! ;)

I bonked so badly once that I not only could no longer ride my bike, I also couldn't walk, or even remain standing. I ended up lying at the side of the road with my vision impaired by swirling black speckles. It isn't a nice feeling...

It is also described as 'the hunger knock' (or just 'the knock'), 'meeting the man with the hammer' or 'hitting the wall'.

It's what you used to see happening to marathon runners at about the 20 mile point when their glycogen supplies ran out. These days people know more about nutrition so they tend to keep refuelling on the go to avoid this happening but you can still get caught out from time to time - this is a particularly bad case!


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Imho better with a balanced calorie controlled diet plus exercise when losing weight, rather than excluding a food group when recovering from a virus.


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A virus can last for weeks .And again our lack of sunshine does not help the bodies defences .

I would go and see if you can find some form of vitamin supplement from a health food store for a couple of months .

Until your body gets back to normal .Don't over do it exercise wise .You will only tire yourself out more .


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My friend / colleague who is diabetic uses this to describe what he feels like when going 'hypo' - though he did giggle at the word 'bonk'

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A virus is a killer, and as many people have said it can last for a while (weeks maybe months).

Take it easy, don't push to hard, and try to keep the miles down if you can.

Are you taking enough sugar, just that not enough sugar can run you down. If that is the case then take a couple of energy gels.


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Not the brightest idea following some cack fad diet when you are ill and still trying to ride lots of miles. What you need is a full balanced diet and lots of sleep to recover properly. Can't stress enough that for most of the folk who post on here to stick to a healthy balanced diet and DON'T cut out food groups. To do so is madness. If you are a top tirathlete then maybe and you'll no doubt have a sports nutritionist advising you on diet. But for the run of the mill plodding cyclists that post on here a FULL BALANCED DIET is a necessity but watching your PORTION SIZEs. That's all you really need to do. And drink plenty - of water.

Get well soon btw.


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i dont eat before a ride but during i always make sure i have a good energy drink like sis or high 5 and an emergency carb bar in the back jersey pocket just incase. got close to hitting a wall but always managed to find the extra push with a light carb drink.

bonking is only good in one form to me!
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