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Anyone had any dealings with Bonthrone Bikes?

I placed an online order over a fortnight ago and when the goods didn't arrive within the generous delivery deadline of 7 working days I rang up to see what was going on. The girl I spoke to said my order hadn't been processed (oh, joy!) so I asked them to cancel it and received an email confirming.

Almost a week later I had a 'while you were out' card from the Post Office which turned out to be part of the order. One of the items was unsuitable and the other not the one I ordered nor anything remotely acceptable. I am living in dread of the rest of the order turning up since I have successfully reordered the rest of the goods I needed.

They don't seem to have charged me and when I rang them up they insisted on explaining their internal systems to me. They wanted me to post the goods back to them at my expense and trust to receiving a refund of the postage. No hint of an apology for poor service!

I am tempted just to write and say that I have received unsolicited goods that they are welcome to collect.


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I had a similar experience. Ordered something, they didn't arrive, phoned up and was told they'd be sent out Saturday, nothing by Thursday so cancelled the order, order arrived 10 days later. Money had been taken from my account day after I made the order. They told me to follow their usual returns process and they'd refund me in full and pay postage. Unfortunately there was another much more important delivery in our house about that time and I still haven't got around to it.

I'm not shopping with them again though and I wouldn't advise anyone else to either.


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alicat said:
I am tempted just to write and say that I have received unsolicited goods that they are welcome to collect.

That's what I'd do. Make sure the letter is sent by a signed for service and offer them 28 days to arrange collection. I'd stress the 'arrange' aspect or they'll claim they sent a courier while you were at work or something.


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They are totally incompetent imo. cocked my order up big style, in the end I ended up better off though so can't complain!
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