Loch side.
Both books now gone to good homes.

You snooze, you looze.

I have two books which may be of interest to someone. If they don't go here, I'll take them to a charity shop.

1) Tales from the Toolbox. By Scott Parr. Semi-interesting war stories by a mechanic who worked on the Tour de France in the early days of Motorola and US Postal. He clearly bought into all the product hype of the time but he can be forgiven for that. Most people buy into that nonsense in anyway.

Tales from the Toolbox.jpg

2) Yellow Fever. The Dark heart of the Tour de Franc. Circa late 1990s, it is Jeremy Wittle's recount of the doings and screwings of professional cycling in that race. By now the outcome is all to familiar to most of us, but kinda interesting nevertheless.

Yellow Fever.jpg

Let me know which one, or both, you'd like and I'll mail it to you.
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Hi could I have yellow fever please , if it hasn't gone, let me know re payment etc
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