Booming 'eck


I mainly use Endomondo - when I remember to use anything at all - and every few months upload my rides to Strava.

Well, I've just done this and discovered I've got 2 x KoMs and 2 x 2015 KoMs, all done while commuting with either panniers or a rucksack, mudguards, lights, and pockets full of keys,wallets, Twix's etc, all done on my Pinnacle, which is swift but to my mind far from my fastest bike.

All this from a much heavier than average rider. Next time someone tells you that the reason they don't commute by bicycle is because it'd take too long then you can hold me up as a shining example of how middle aged men cycle commuting can be quicker than the fair weather boys on their latest plastic Willy substitute.

I feel I've struck a blow for fat, balding, middle aged cyclists everywhere.
I left my phone with the gps app still running on top of a computer.... I reached Mach 2 somewhere over the Bay of Biscay then carried on to the Ascension Isles.......



Bollarks, I meant 2014 KoMs.
I thought I'd achieved something similar, turns out I just forgot to turn the garmin off after I dumped my bike in the back of the car to take it to the LBS. 50mph on an uphill stretch, bet the locals were furious.



for a few seconds at the end of the Aldgate one way heading East I used to routinely accelerate to 250mph


Cycle Camera TV
South Croydon
I hate to be the urinator in your virtual ashtray of joy, but did you know that all KOMs reset at the start of the year? I got two on a rubbish ride with a 15mph average!

for 2015 sträva has added a yearly KOM feature. The KOM stays the KOM but there will now also be a yearly KOM, if you achieve the best time in 2015, you will be awarded the 2015 KOM. KOM's have not in anyway been reset.
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