Bowling to the falkirk wheel.


I was looking at the sustrans site and seen the bowling to falkirk wheel route. Its going to be canal path, which i imagine will be gravel for the most part, my mrs is using my old mtb bike (im imagining as its canal path it will be mostly flat and easy for her(and me)) but I will be using a road bike with 23mm tyres which imnot sure of on gravel. To you reckon it would be ok on that bike? Mainly choosing it as it will be flat for the mrs.


No don't go there Davie, some sections are right shite, really poor surface's, wouldn't go near it with a road bike.
I've never done the Bowling to Falkirk bit but I've done the Edinburgh to Falkirk bit with 28s on my Sirrus but I wouldn't want anything narrower than that and even they were uncomfortable some bits in/ near the city ain't bad but other spots are a mud bath (even in dryer weather) and they certainly wont ever see my road bike :rolleyes:


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You might have to go slowly over some section, but it should be doable, I am sure you Mrs won mind if you have to slow down ;)
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