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Hello community. I go by BPCycler, and cycling is my hobby, my interest and the bulk of my workout routines.

95% of my rides are on trails, as the drivers in my city are nuts. However, my small city is starting to become more bicycle friendly, having placed bicycle lanes on some streets and painted signs indicating that the road is for cyclists as well. It's a start.

I'm in a couple of "clubs." The are Velo Monkee, of which we are currently seven members. And Folks on Spokes, of which there are 13 of us. The FoS crew meets up several times a year for rides which is quite fun.

I use Strava Premium with the Chrome StravistiX plugin as well as VeloViewer, SportTracks and Golden Cheetah for more in depth analytics and monitoring. My equipment and tech is listed below:

Giant Sedona (2013)
Wahoo Tickr
Strava / StravistiX plugin
Golden Cheetah
A Smile

Nice to meet you!


Setting the controls for the heart of the sun.
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