Brake Bleeding and Top Up.


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I am new to all this singing and dancing fancy pants disc brake job and as such now is the time I need to top them up as my back brake is non-existant.

I know I need some little tubes to make the bleeding process a little less messy and my brakes state "mineral oil" on them but there is talk of Dot 1,2,3,4,5 oil so therefore I have no idea what I am doing. WHich is the recommended Dot or is there a standard oil I can use?

My brakes are real budget disc brakes but when they are not thirsty they work just fine so I am not looking to replace them but the only kit I can find on the web is the Shimano one. Is this a universal disc brake bleeed kit or do I need one specific to my brakes (can't remember the name now)?

Any info you can provide to a clueless goon would be most welcome.

Cheers guys.
THere is no such thing as a universal bleed kit, but some are more standard than others. E.g Avid Juicy disks need a specific bleed kit, but many can use a more generic (and cheaper) kit which may be a couple of syringes and the right sized tubing, or just a bottle and tubing depending on the brakes.

The manufacturer and model are essential to work out what you need though, just in case.

If the brakes state 'mineral oil' then you should not use Brake Fluid (DOT whatever.) as this is not the same thing.

Get the brake info and I'm sure someone can point you in the right direction.


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Ah, I see. Knew it was best to ask, many thanks.

I will obtain the brake model and report back.
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