Brake pads directional ?


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Recently changed the rear pads but the braking action was rubbish. Rims are reasonably trued but tried improving that but most of the nipples were seized. Only one or two mm's out anyway.

As a last resort, I swapped the two pads around (left and right) and now it is perfect.

The old pads did have an arrow and "--->front" but the new ones didn't. The only indications were a "G" on one side. They look symmetrical.

So how did I get this wrong. I fitted identical pads on the front a few months ago and they are great. Maybe I got lucky that time.

Just basic V brake pads from wiggle.
Some are directional, some aren't. If they're symmetrical then they're not.
And if they have an "open end" in the cage then they are most definitely!

It would seem obvious but I've seen them the wrong way! :blush:


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They ARE symmetrical and there is no open cage. After a bit more riding I would say they are still not great. It takes a lot of force on the lever to lock the wheel. Maybe they just need more bedding-in?

The old pads needed very little force for the same braking but they were becoming very worn. The old pads were longer and had offset posts unlike the new ones but I have the same new pads on the front and they work great so still not sure what the problem is.


Prob just not properly aligned. However careful I am when aligning new pads the old ones always wear unevenly so I can only assume that it's an alignment issue. Remember the forces involved are large so it wouldn't be unusual to get things flexing in use.
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