Brake pads for Canti brakes


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Ok I've now got my new tourer and I'm loving it but I'm not so sure about the brake pads, so I'd like to replace them with some cartridge ones.

What I'm wondering is are the cantilever (Tektro Onyx) pads the same as v-brake pads? (they look like they are to me)


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They are the same, but rather than fork out for new holders, do yourself a favour and change the brakes.  I know it's a new bike but really those brakes are far from the best, do a search here or elsewhere for the reasons.  The Tekro 520/720 are considered to be the best for the money, from £25 for a complete set, or what I did was just replace the front one.


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The modern version of the Tektro Oryx look like they take V-brake pads... rather than the "cantilever" pads with the plain post.
Kool-Stop Salmons pads should give you adequate braking performance unless heavily loaded touring in very hilly country.

But as PH says, a wide canti like the CR520 or 720 (or any of the similar "cyclocross" brakes will give better performance still.
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